Learn what really drives conversion rates from these shared A/B test results


Learn from other people’s AB test results and share your own…


WebKit for Developers – differences and similarities in different webkit ports

Nice article about the differences and similarities in all the different webkit ports


Howto install all versions of Internet Explorer on a Mac inside Virtual Box with a single line of code

A very convenient way of installing all Internet explorers on a Mac with a single line of code

Well. I cannot say I really wanted to install IE on my mac but if you have to, this is the easiest way!


The ultimate collection of mobile statistics for 2013


If you need some number about the growth or usage of mobile for your presentation, this is the site to start with


CheatSheet – Bootstrap. Everything you ever wanted (or didnt want) to know about Bootstrap

What’s behind!

Lots of people have already succeeded at building

Bootstrap based websites and apps. So there is no need

to tell over and over again how cool this thing is. All

that is left is to enjoy the yields of this awesome

framework. In this Infographics we’ve gathered tool

chest for every Bootstrap developer: styles generators,

theme generators, free PSDs/fonts/buttons/icons,

numerous tutorials (including video lessons), plugins,

code snippets, shortcodes and whatnot.

Have a cool Bootstrapping.

A nice set of resources for Twitters responsive web framework